You & 1 Million People worldwide – Wo/Men’s Peace Marches  Berlin

The transformative and healing experience in June 2017, the first Wo/men´s Peace March we organized set the impulse to continue weaving our net of peace with musicians and peace activists like Yael Deckelbaum. You are invited to be part of the preparations and organization of the big marches.

On June 2. we did it again – walking drumming and singing feeling our connectedness from Neptunbrunnen, Alexanderplatz to the Brandenburger Gate. United through our wish for world peace we are wearing white clothing as a connecting element. Through collaboration we strengthen our efforts and are joining with other organizations such as Women Wage Peace, Prayers of the Mothers ~ Wo/Men’s Marches and many others peace projects.

Women Of The World Unite

On  June 1. we tuned in the Wo / men’s Peace March at the concert “Women Of The World Unite” with Yael Deckelbaum, Liron Meyuhas and Gal Maestro at Passionskirche. The mood was so beautiful that healing could happen. Many international guests arrived and it was a heartfelt togetherness.

After spending more than a year with women all over the world, the singer-songwriter and activist returned to Berlin for a concert and the Wo/men’s Peace March. Her song “Prayer Of The Mothers” has become an international anthem for peace. Yael carries the message of the global women’s revolution through her music with new songs in the world.


Yaels invitation for Berlin: peace

Worlwide there are more than 1 Million peolpe who express a strong wish for peace on that weekend. Most of their activities do not appear in the media. Let´s show how many we really are…

You can fund our peace projects like the Women´s Peace March on BetterPlace. Share this link with your friends. With your support you make the stage at Brandenburger Gate and PA possible. THANK YOU.  Clans des Friedens/BetterPlace.

Get one of the beautiful Pulse Of Peace T-shirts with our Logo in gold. They are available in many colours and sizes and made out of organic cotton. Our symbol synchronizes you with the energy of peace. If you print it out, you also can programm drinkink water into peace water, for yourself, the trees and rivers. Just send us an email or connect through facebook for ordering.

The Italian Pulse of the Peace Band devotes the song “Let the Sunshine in” in its special version to peace and to all people who now embody their personal aspect of peace. Peace is a very big word and affects all aspects of our lives. Which aspect are you already living? Cristina Barzi brought these musicians together in Italy and …… they came to Wo / men’s Peace March in Berlin, to meet other international colleagues! The first Pulse Of Peace song was written by Margret Hofmann and Cristian Barzi.


Pulse Of Peace Band is an open concept.We want to inspire musicians, with their lyrics and their music, to touch people in such a way that they can feel inner peace, love and humor. We wish for many “Pulse Of Peace” songs, in different styles and different texts.

A big Thank You  to Barbara Reuss for her impressive pictures and also to Maga Navarette from Prezzenza who again is a great  support.

Yael Deckelbaum and Margret Hofmann talking to Eike Gephardt on Radio Studio. The interview is about global marches, power, peace and what touches us. The Pulse of the Peace Band is also present with a song live.


                                                                                                                             Just click on the picture and listen ..

What an inebriant and wonderful feeling it is…

… to jointly celebrate the Pulse of Peace with so many women, mothers, girls, sisters, brothers, boys, fathers and men. Although we had never met Yael Deckelbaum and Miriam Toukan before the March in June 2017, we spoke the same language right from the start. The entire march from Neptunbrunnen through the government quarter to the Brandenburger Gate was pure magic. We performed a 10 000 year old peace and healing ceremony on our stage, directly in front of the Brandenburger Gate, the symbol for unification and peace. When was the last time something like that took place?

We carry our inspiration; our belief in whatever is possible, into the year 2018 and further.

We look forward to further collaborations with musicians, artists, physicians, politicians and…and…peace will affect all areas of our lives. Now we are pooling our ideas and skills togehter to create something great, peace.

Do you feel what is unfolding….

The Pulse of Peace is a new movement, which aims to recreate community. Community was systematically removed from our modern lifestyle and we need to bring it back. Part of this process is taking responsibility for all the areas of your life and through that process you can create a life filled with meaning, humour and community.

We are looking forward to giving birth to our vision of a peace march with 1 million people, marching and singing for peace. Your support, in whatever way, is very welcome.

Thank you, Julia Buschmann, for capturing these mesmerizing moments of the 2017 march and its concert in your beautiful film. It is filled of beautiful people who carry peace in their heart.