International Peace Ceremonies


For the earth, for you and for us, we are holding peace ceremonies with healers from all over the world. We invite you to join us, all of you who are…


– Peace seekers

– Community builders

– Living in beauty

– With integrity

– Freedom-loving


Together we will combine the wisdom of our cultures in a large joint ceremony for peace.

Wisdom from 5 Continents  

… of our beautiful pulsating Earth. Wherever you are from, come and bring your personal medicine to include in the ceremonies and express the beauty and uniqueness of your regional and universal knowledge.

Shamans carry their sacred objects on their body, because feathers, crystals, symbols and masks are medicine that raises the light frequency of the body. Drums bring silence to the mind with their tones; eagle’s feathers hold the energy of the living eagle.

Thank you, Magaly Navarrete, for you marevlous and expressive potos.


Mother Earth 


Healers hold their touching rituals, songs and dance from all over our world and blend them into a whole during the ceremony. When we, as a peaceful people, embody balance and harmony, we feel at that moment freedom in every cell of our body. Then we remember the purpose of our existence and can celebrate life together with joy. We can live our colorful diversity in harmony with Mother Earth and show her our loving appreciation.


Open your arms and welcome the world… 


Your support is welcomed.


The Pulse of Peace events are organized by the non for profit organization Clans des Friedens e.V., a group of people who long for peace and beauty in the world. A clan is a community of people who specialize in a particular knowledge tradition. We are all children of Mother Earth, though hold different wisdoms and talents, and we want to tend the knowledge of peace with you.

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