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Berlin ~ City of Peace

Berlin ~ City of Peace

Berlin was added to the List of Peace Cities... It happened. Since April 25. 2017 Berlin has become officially a City of Peace through the activities of the Clans of Peace together with you.  Time to celebrate...   Berlin is not the 162. City of Peace worldwide. Let...

Ich verbinde mit Frieden einen rhythmischen Puls, eine Frequenz, die mich aktiviert und stärkt, für eine gute Blutversorgung sorgt, die mich nachhaltig gesund hält und erblühen lässt. In einer Balance zwischen Aktion und Ruhe.

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Code of Peace

What is the code of peace or of Berlin? Jesse An provides interesting information about different facets of peace. Be patient, watch all of it, become intrigued as you experience the gift of the sacred sounds that embody the spoken wisdom, or go directly to minute...