Our Artists

María Magdalena Gonzalez

Maria tells touching stories for children and adults from around the world. She directs our theatre programs for children and adolescents. In cooperation with MenschensKinder Teltow children from 6 to 13  years will be performing in 3 groups, scenic implementation, music and scenery on 3 June 2018 at 13.30 for our Pulse Of Peace event in Tiyatrom.


Schirin Zareh

In the interpretation of old Persian love songs, Shirin lovingly meets your heart. Persian songs are always about the greater love, not just the personal one.


Cristina Barzi

leads our music projects and gathers various international musicians for peace. Togehter with the founder, Margret Hofmann she wrote the “Puls Of Peace Song”.

Cristina: “In my experience peace is when I feel respect, absence of judgment and understanding for myself and for any other person and creature. Having this freedom in the heart makes me feel unity with the world. Peace is absolutely possible and it is in our hands to realize it.”


 Valentin Mufila

Won in 2005 an award for the best peace song in Congo. In the last 20 years about 8 Million Cogolese died from the consequences of exploitating of natural recources for modern technology.

Valentin: „ For me peace is a concrete reality and not a slogan. It brings us to a higher level and closer to God.

Berlin gives me the possibility to share with people from all over the world peaceful moments.”


Denise Miseri

connects music with italian poetry.

Denise: “peace can only be acquired through knowledge.: knowing about what people have endured, knowing how hatred can be spread through propaganda. One of my aims in art is to share knowledge and an universal vision of humanity that has no color or ethnicity.”


Stefano Bruno

Dreamer with eyes wide open, works as a primary school teacher and is an artist.

“I do belive that peace means to handle conflicts.”