The Pulse of Peace June 1.-3. 2018 in Berlin


Come to Berlin and celebrate with us the Pulse of Peace, a series of happenings, with the major multi-day event on June 1.-3. as an inspiration for further activities. The Pulse of Peace connects people from various areas, who live their vision of a world in balance. We are inviting visionaries and pioneers like you, who take responsibility for their life and their knowledge or who want to learn how to do this. Our main venue is the beautiful Refugio Kreuzberg. The Pulse of Peace is organized by the non profit organisation Clans des Friedens e.V.


In the Center: Community 

At the centre of our organization is community, through which the feeling of inner peace and a coming together are possible. Community carries, moves and inspires you limitlessly. Building community is accompanied by inner change, which allows you to become more aware of the meaning of your own life.The commonalities in our community come to light through the recognition of the wisdom of people of the world,  when we start to see and hear each other clearly. The Pulse of Peace will offer many opportunities for this, including round tables, workshops and ceremonies, and an art and culture program. Here speaking our truth from the heart to stimulate pulsating conversations is welcomed and encouraged.

Living a life in balance

The Pulse of Peace does not provide ready-made answers, but rather ways and approaches for building community, of us human beings as well as with our Mother Earth. The sharing of our personal resources, such as our individual qualities, talents and material performances, enables us all to contribute to the whole with a sense of belonging, and ultimately to live in beauty.

Conscious businesses

Businesses are invited to participate in the Pulse of Peace; it is through conscious leading of businesses that we can leave behind the way of extremes that is doomed to fail. A balanced lifestyle minimizes extreme poverty, as well as extreme consumption, both of which cause damage to our physical health and psychosomatic complaints. This principal of conscious business leadership can be applied to all business areas. We encourage the trailblazers of this new business culture to apply their knowledge resolutely.

Our international culture program with concerts and exhibitions invites common celebration. From the centre of the organization many circles ripple out into the world, circles of ceremonies, workshops and art.

Through workshops like bodywork, singing and dancing, you can go on an inner journey. The lived experiences extend your personal possibilities of expression. The ignited inspiration and the discovery of your own path whilst being together offer a chance to change your life far beyond the Pulse of Peace. To be able to feel inner peace we human beings first need to regulate our nervous system. This regulation enables you to acknowledge your emotions and to finally express them adequately. Through experiencing inner peaceful moments and communal expression, impulses develop to unfold these experiences in your life.

The ceremonial core is the bundled wisdom of people from all continents. People of all ages, independent of education, sexual orientation and religion, are invited to take part. We give old knowledge a new shape through which spaces of connectedness can come into being. Connectedness releases limiting thought patterns and creates togetherness.

The workshops and ceremonies will open spaces for you, in which you can move freely with your physical and spiritual family and connect with them. Here healing on all levels can happen.