The Pulse of Peace is an open concept


What’s next? We wish for a lot of different Pulse Of Peace teams, which carry the waves of peace into the world in their own way. The pulse of peace is an open concept. You can freely use the name and logo if you want to manifest peace.

We decided not to organize big events anymore for now. Our team in Berlin has been dissolved for now. Founder Margret only wants to create the conditions for peace in rituals and her healing work.

“After these almost two years of weaving and organizing, I know that we must recognize ourselves as equals to behave peacefully. Before we can work together, we need a willingness to change ourselves and take responsibility for our own happiness. To bear the responsibility for emerging feelings and to reflect on that. For me, the healing work makes the most sense, because it helps people, embedded in something greater, to be able to do this. I am happy when we meet again at my seminars or in individual sessions.

Warmly, Margret Eagle Wind Hofmann

The Pulse of Peace


The Pulse of Peace connects people from various areas, who live their vision of a world in balance. We are inviting visionaries and pioneers like you, who take responsibility for their life and their knowledge or who want to learn how to do this. Do you want to start your Pulse Of Peace Team in your area? Join our non profit organisation Clans des Friedens e.V.

The Pulse of Peace 2018 in Berlin


Thank you to all who have designed and celebrated with us the Pulse Of Peace from 1.-3. June 2018. Everyone has woven a personal thread into the great network of interconnectedness and freedom, beauty and peace.

In the Center: Community 

On June 1. we started with Yael Deckelbaum, Liron Meyuhas and Gal Maestro our weekend dedicated to peace. Their concert “Women Of The World Unite” at Passionskirche was electrifying…many people have come to be part of it. Peace was materialized on this special evening, felt by all present.

This evening Yael was presenting to us parts of her new musical project “Women Of The World Unite” which will result in a full album of collaborations with women from all over the world, announcing through music, the global change women are manifesting right now.

Yael: “I am excited to musically empower the movement of “Women Wage Peace” and any initiative focused on uniting, healing and the formation of a new language, a language that will carry us on the route towards a better existence for all human kind.“



On Saturday at 11.30 am we lead togehter with Yael the Wo/men´s Peace March from Neptunbrunnen/Alexander Platz to Brandenburger Gate. On the stage, guest speakers awaited us and Yael and our Puls Of Peace Band played.

At 6pm we were singing the Sound Of Peace at the same time as many people around the world. This sound is individual and  creates a whole peace chorus, whose healing sounds wander around and through the earth and thus manifest the energy of peace. Our meeting point was the great Refugio Kreuzberg, where we could relax after the Wo / men’s Peace March and eat yummie Somali food together. Some Pulse Of the Peace musicians  played again and so we ended the evening .comfortably.

A highlight on June 3. was a theater performance with children from Ernst von Stubenrauch Kindergarten from MenschensKinder Teltow at the Tiyatrom Theater who participate since January 2018 in our programme.  MenschensKinder Teltow is the first educational organization who collaborate with us for peace.



At 6 pm director Carola Hauck showed her film “The Safe Birth” in the movies theatre Babylon Mitte in cooperation with us. The film explores the question of what makes a physiological birth safe and how it is disturbed.

The Safe Birth – Why Midwives? What are the consequences of interventions on the birth process, for mother and child and possibly for the future society?

The director Carola Hauck with Margret Hofmann, pulse of peace founder and Katharina Desery of Mother Hood e.V. at Radio Multicult fm with Eike Gebhardt in  studio. 


                                                                                                      Just click on the picture to listen


At the centre of our organization is community, through which the feeling of inner peace and a coming together are possible.


Community carries, moves and inspiresyou limitlessly. Building community is accompanied by inner change, which allows you to become more aware of the meaning of your own life.The commonalities in our community come to light through the recognition of the wisdom of people of the world,  when we start to see and hear each other clearly.


Here is an insight into what the children shaped and formed  with us. Their creativity is limitless, and so they show us what their solution to a conflict is:  “I’m just getting out of there …”.

Living a life in balance

The Pulse of Peace does not provide ready-made answers, but rather ways and approaches for building community, of us human beings as well as with our Mother Earth. The sharing of our personal resources, such as our individual qualities, talents and material performances, enables us all to contribute to the whole with a sense of belonging, and ultimately to live in beauty.

Conscious businesses

Businesses are invited to participate in the Pulse of Peace; it is through conscious leading of businesses that we can leave behind the way of extremes that is doomed to fail. A balanced lifestyle minimizes extreme poverty, as well as extreme consumption, both of which cause damage to our physical health and psychosomatic complaints. This principal of conscious business leadership can be applied to all business areas. We encourage the trailblazers of this new business culture to apply their knowledge resolutely.

Our international culture program with concerts and exhibitions invites common celebration. From the centre of the organization many circles ripple out into the world, circles of ceremonies, workshops and art.

Through workshops like bodywork, singing and dancing, you can go on an inner journey. The lived experiences extend your personal possibilities of expression. The ignited inspiration and the discovery of your own path whilst being together offer a chance to change your life far beyond the Pulse of Peace. To be able to feel inner peace we human beings first need to regulate our nervous system. This regulation enables you to acknowledge your emotions and to finally express them adequately. Through experiencing inner peaceful moments and communal expression, impulses develop to unfold these experiences in your life.

The ceremonial core is the bundled wisdom of people from all continents. People of all ages, independent of education, sexual orientation and religion, are invited to take part. We give old knowledge a new shape through which spaces of connectedness can come into being. Connectedness releases limiting thought patterns and creates togetherness.

The workshops and ceremonies will open spaces for you, in which you can move freely with your physical and spiritual family and connect with them. Here healing on all levels can happen.